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Online Marketer, Charlie Rose

My Story

Hi. My name is Charlie Rose. My passion is online marketing. I love it so much that I have made a career out of it for the past fifteen years (and counting).

I guess I can thank my mom for enrolling me in that C Programming Language summer course when I was a kid and spearheading the purchase of many family computers that I commandeered and transformed into my own.

Marketing with experience

Over the span of my marketing career, I have worked with companies from a wide range of fields from the globally influential Warner Music Group to the domestic behemoth known as the United States Post Office. Tastemakers like Village Voice Media, Converse, Sole Technology, Dewar’s, and SXSW have turned to my services as well as the City of Los Angeles, Ticketmaster, Busey, Ubiquity Records and the L.A. Record, a arts newspaper that I helped to found nearly a decade ago.

What I do

At Funnls, I optimize online marketing strategies. I help customers find your business online, with a proven marketing formula, I improve your website performance, search engine placement, social media exposure, and pay per click campaigns to name a few.

How I do it

I will help you make your online marketing work and grow your business. Want to find out how I can help you? See what you can hire us for!

There’s a better way to market your business, and we’re here to help.

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